Friday, 10 August 2012

Ups and downs

We now have internet in the house which is fantastic - it has taken a while to organise and costs about four times what we pay in the UK for our house - but it is split four ways thankfully. But it will be great for keeping in touch but also being able to access music news and stuff.
The down side is that I've had some problems with my eye - flashers - I went down to the hospital and eye clinic here. They have seen me twice - advising me to have bed rest and keep my eyes still for 5 days. However we've had other more up to date expert advice that  I don't need to do that - just avoid heavy lifting. Anyway it has got better following the rest period, so maybe that was useful advice. Now I can get moving a bit more to get ready for school on Monday - it was all on hold which was very frustrating.
I saw my classroom on Friday before I got the bedrest order, and it is the same that the previous volunteer had - a small room right alongside the football area. It does not have many finer points, but I hope I can at least get it swept out before I do my first session. It is 4.5 yards wide and 14 yards long, with blackboards at each end. 26 desk/chair units for students, a teacher desk, chair and a table. That is it. I have to provide my own cleaning materials, stationery. If I want to paint over the dodgy bits on the walls I have to provide my own paint and do it myself. But I will get enough text books for my students to have one at home and at least share at school so that is great. I believe I may get issued with a laptop as they want us to take the register online. That is a worry as my room is not secure as some of the louvred windows are pulled out.   Kate

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