Friday, 17 August 2012

School day 2

This is the second half of the School day post.
We have short days this week as some students have not registered so they have a lot to sort out. The ends of classes can be a bit flexible in timing as someone has to physically go out to ring it, so we have to play games at the end for 5 to 10 minutes until it sounds. My classroom is very hot as it has no fans and no air conditioning. It is noisy as it is at the end of the building near the loos and the gym, so boys tend to hang out in the shade of the roof so that can disturb us. At the end of the day the American football quad warms up and practises right outside my door which sounds like rugby chants, I make a beeline for the other vol's classroom which is blessedly cool and quiet - I can do prep there until we are allowed to leave at 4 pm.
Needless to say that I work most of every evening at present. They are just adjusting to the Core Standards (like National Curriculum) and these do not match the current text books. So we have to plan out our scheme of work carefully - just finished! The other thing is that our students are all English language learners, so I am finding there is a wide spread of oral and written comprehension - our World Teach orientation empasises group work to increase student talk time and decrease teacher talk time. I suspect there will be a wide range of math abiltiy as well. For the math bods among you - there are added complications of the different math words used here (eg radical means square root,) as well as the appallingly formal complex language in the book emphasising proofs etc. There are no lower level courses here like Foundation in the UK. If you fail you repeat. Kate

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