Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Contact details change, first day teaching

We have a new P O Box for us volunteers, so please use this new one: P O Box 2596.
Interestingly we don't have an address here - I have only seen a couple of roads which have a name, and houses do not have names or numbers.
The first day went well - I had very structured sessions, all the same. We did a song, a name game and some group work on "What makes a good student?". Tomorrow it is "What makes a good teacher?". Surprising things were that we get not only a free lunch but also a free breakfast if we can get to school early. The good bit is that they give out cartons of milk at lunch, so that reduces the need to carry a lot of drinking water to school. We are advised not to drink the tap water here as there are too many piggeries affecting the ground water quality. Student names have been quite easy so far, they tend to have a shortened version - one student has a massively long name about 20 letters long.  Kate

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