Friday, 10 August 2012

More about the photos

The views from Nu'uuli School is where we were camping out in classrooms during the three weeks of orientation - also where David is teaching. You'll note the fantastic view, which is even more amazing at 6.15 dawn - but maybe I appreciated that a bit more than David... The bay is very shallow as it is a lagoon with coral reefs out towards the sea. You have to travel quite a way down the coast to find a spot to swim.
The view from Breakers Point is looking from the other side of Pago Pago bay. You'll notice how steep the slopes are - there is only a narrow strip of land where there are buildings - they back onto precipitous rainforest. There is one trail that gets you to the top of the mountain which we hope to do sometime soon.
There's also a photo of one of the Tsunami signs - there are sirens installed and if they go off then you run for high ground.

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