Friday, 17 August 2012

School day

One of my students has won the long name competition- Faateleinaleviigaileatua - emphasis on the penultimate syllable so it is - Fa a tele ina levi inga ilea TOO a - got that? Glad to say that she uses a shortened version!
Things are settling, so here is a description of my day:
Walk to school for 40 minutes - breezy and pleasant. Get things sorted for the day before lessons start at 8.30. We have 7 periods per day, one I have free and another is lunchtime. So I teach 5 classes about 40 - 50 minutes. I teach the same timetable on Mon Wed Fri, and same classes but mixed around on Tue and Thu. Two are algebra (level like first year A level), three geometry (level like higher GCSE). One class has 28 students, but the others are currently more managable such as 12 - 20. This week and next things may change, so we are doing starter activities - like I am used to. The classes are mixed ages from grade 9- 12, age 14-17, in some ways that is nice as the students do not know each other that well, so we are all getting used to each other.
I do the same routine every session: puzzle, song, name game, instruction, group work, close, game. The students here are very friendly and social - so love to have lots of change in activity. Generally here the teaching is very traditional, lecture, recite, silent work on tasks - so I'm trying to be very structured and clear in my expectations, but also drop in lots of things that challenge students to think and also make it more fun.
Lunch today was pork? in tinned mixed veg, rice, apple sauce, tinned peaches, carton milk. We eat with the students. Nobody goes hungry here.  Kate

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