Saturday, 11 August 2012

david's classroom

Yesterday was a day of meetings with math teachers and Dept of Education people. It took place at Kate's school near the airport and I got to meet several of Kate's colleagues. Today I was back at my school for the day and I learned that I now have a classroom of my own! I thought I was going to be a 'floater' and use other teacher's classrooms at least for a week or two so it's good news. The classroom is better than most and other volunteers may be jealous. However it's quite dirty and there's a lot of clutter and non-math material that I'd like to be rid of. Teachers here are responsible for cleaning- I don't know why the education system can't afford a janitor/security person. Of course we can get the students to do some when they arrive.  It's still not obvious which math courses I will be teaching and the students arrive on Monday. But apparently I do have quite a free rein to use the first week on practically anything while all the students eventually turn up.There are only 23 desks in my room so I think my class-size will be much less than in Guyana. And if I'm teaching calculus and/or precalc, then there will likely be very few students which suits me fine. We shall see - it's all rather vague right now. Tomorrow, Saturday I'll go and do some cleaning and then finalise my plan for what to do with the students who are there this week. David

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