Sunday, 26 August 2012

photos by the sea

Uploading photos to the blog is still (for us on this machine and slow connection) an art rather than a science, and it takes a while even when it works, so we may try a few at a time. No swimming on Sundays here but we've found somewhere where we can but it's quite a hike from the house.

some of the volunteers at a public swim place
At the east end of the island. Looks like I've shrunk!

Overlooking Pago Pago harbour

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  1. Haven't looked in for a while, so it's been good to catch up. Hope you enjoyed the swim today. August Bank Holiday, at least in Hereford, has not been as bad as predicted. Brief storm on Friday night and since then intermittently sunny, breezy and (quite) pleasantly cool. Most of us have moved into the new rooms now -though some rooms still not quite finished. Paralympic torch event at college this weekend.