Monday, 13 August 2012

Getting ready for school, birds

After having time off resting this week, I decided to go for school on Monday, so needed to catch up lots of prep work. First the classroom - we not only have to do the cleaning ourselves but we also have to buy the broom! My room has louvred windows which do not close up properly so a lot of dust has blown in over the summer. David helped me to put out the desks - they are heavy affairs with chairs attached. I am glad to have a room which I can call mine, as some other vols have to share rooms, don't know yet, or have a space which is not secure.
Today I found out all things I missed on Friday's Staff Meeting, so I spent the afternoon doing my lesson plans for the week and reading policies and procedures. My school is large so needs to be pretty organised -some other vols seem to have had very little information about what they need to do tomorrow.
Birds: Wattled Honeyeater, Red Vented Bulbul.  Kate

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