Saturday, 4 August 2012

Some trips out

It is not all trips out I promise you - we have also been learning about all sorts of official requirements, and doing our solo lessons. But yesterday we had a trip to the museum, which is a small place but interesting - dug out canoes with bark cloth sails, tattoo explanations, medicinal plants - then a weaving demonstration and a chance to have a try. They make ceremonial fine mats but we were just doing the basics. 
Today we went to the National Marine Sanctuary - sounds impressive but it was mainly an excuse for a swim in rough breakers - OK to snorkel for people who are very experienced. But we stayed close in to the shore - saw small blue fish, and bigger striped ones.  This afternoon we climbed a trail up to Nu'uuli Falls which was brilliant - a tall thin waterfall with a deep cool pool.
Tomorrow we move out to our accomodation, four of us are sharing a house, but for the first few days we will have four vols staying with us until they can get their transport out to the islands of Manua. We won't have internet at the house, although we are hoping to arrange it. Monday is General Assembly for all school teachers, so we have to dress up in our World Teach uniform. 

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