Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Wildlife sightings

Many of our group went to see Batman film on Friday ight, but we saw the real thing - giant bats which are known as flying foxes we think. They are about 18 inches wing span, and fly with slow stately flaps. They fly in the late afternoon so are very visible. We've seen only a few birds, I don't think that will be much of a hobby for us. We saw a white bird with a long beak shaped like a kingfisher, don't know what it is. The ubiquitous bird is the mynah bird which fills the parrot niche here - they squabble and squawk and strut about. We've seen big crabs and Cain Toads , tiny lizards, mercifully very few mosquitoes here, perhaps because of the breeze at this time of year. The worst of the animal life is the ****ing dogs which are a daily hazard and really scare us. They threaten you as you walk down the street - the only real way to avoid them I find is to walk along places with no houses - so for my morning run I go alongside the airport fence adjacent to industrial sites. The strategy is to shout HALU in a gruff voice, which means LEAVE US ALONE, and to pick up a stone ready to throw at them. I haven't had to throw one yet, but I am ready to!

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