Sunday, 29 July 2012

day off Saturday

Decided not to walk to waterfall because the trail might be muddy after the recent heavy rains. But today was beautiful hot and dry and those who did the waterfall walk had a good walk and swim. We'll do it another day. Instead, though, we took a bus to Pago Pago and changed busses there to get further to the east. Busses are easy and you simply pay one dollar to the driver when you exit. Also they use regular bus stops and don't have to wait until theye're full before going, unlike Guyana. After braving some noisy and threatening dogs, and failing to find any humans to ask permission, we walked a few hundred yards up the steep slope to top of hill known as Breakers Point where there was a view. Saw the nice white kingfisher-like bird again.Took bus back to Pago Pago and started walking, finding cheap lunch. Museum, library, post-office all closed Saturday afternoon but at least we know where they are now. Kate swam at a public beach where the local children were having fun. We found the hospital and registered to expedite future necessary visit - hope don't have to! The TV in emergency room was on so we watched 5-mins of Olympics! Found a good map at Sadie's hotel. Lots of big bottles of hard drinks available there for the partying tourists. David

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