Saturday, 28 July 2012

Time off, house

We are getting more confident about being out and about. We have got ourselves phones, ordered some local style clothing to be made, and we have been out for a couple of meals. I go runnng every morning on my own. Sunrise and sunset are at about 6, so it is good to make the  most of the daylight as we are coming from summer days in England. Tomorrow we have a whole day off so are planning a walk up a trail to a waterfall where locals swim, and then a trip on the bus to Pago Pago to catch up on some jobs and have a stroll around - weather permitting as it is lashing down this evening. We are lucky to have air conditioning in most of our rooms at this school, but outside it is very hot and sticky.     We have heard about our accomodation which sounds very nice but is quite a way from school- they say it is an hour to walk, or a 25 min walk then a bus, but I expect we will manage it quicker. Otherwise maybe a bike, but they are not common here. The traffic is very gentle though, unlike Guyana!  We would be sharing with two others, also have a spare room where we can put up other vols who are visiting which would be great.     Kate

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  1. It all seems to be shaping up quite nicely - apart from the dogs. Hope the commute to work proves to be simpler. I'm guessing there are good reasons why bikes aren't common (expensive, perhaps?) but maybe not, and maybe you can start a new trend. Lib x