Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Hawaii then Samoa at last!

Monday -massive walk up the Diamond Head which is the crater of a volcano. Sounds exotic but it is actually an old lookout for the army. Great view over the bay and the high rise of Maikiki Beach area.
Monday afternoon we should have been flying out to Samoa, but we were not allowed on the plane as our documentation was not in order. So we had a frustrating 24 hours trying to phone through to Samoa to the organiser - in retrospect it would have been a good move to buy a phone in the US just so we had easier communication.
Tuesday afternoon at the 11th hour the airport supervisor agreed to ring through for us to get permission to board. We were GOOD TO GO!!! PHEW!!!
Wednesday morning - we are with the other volunteers now at a high school, and just so glad to be back on track. The view is fantastic, and there is a lovely breeze. Kate

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