Sunday, 15 July 2012


Today we went on an all day tour of Hawaii on a coach. The scenery is impressive with steep and fissured mountainsides - all volcanic. We saw a massive turtle on a beach, a pineapple plantation, and the mothballed fleet of battleships in Pearl Harbour. Our tour guide played a small Hawain guitar rather well, but sang rather badly. He told us about having a flower in your hair -behind left ear means single, behind right ear means married, on the top means married but looking for something better, and a flower on the back means follow me and ask no questions!
Altogether this place is the playground of the rich, so not quite my style.
Tomorrow we get the plane for Samoa, hopefully we will be meeting up with the rest of the volunteers as we are all on the same flight. Kate


  1. Good to hear of your exciting travels! Looking forward to hearing about American Samoa. Love Peter & Judith

  2. I think I could get used to being in the playground of the idle rich! Looking forward to the first post from Samoa. Lib x