Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Field Trips

We have all been without internet for a few days, so it is great to get back on. All the vols are sitting typing away in case it goes off again. We've been lucky with cooling breezes and only a couple of downpours - we can shelter for five minutes and it passes over again.
We've done a few field trips, which are called cultural adjustment. First to the East of the island passing various stores and government landmarks. We passed 2 dollar beach where there is beautiful golden sand connecting the roadside to a tiny island - the family have built a few shelters for sitting around and picnicing, and you can play volleyball on the beach (of course you have to pay 2 dollars for the privilege). At the end of the road, which curves in and out along the coast line, was the wharf for boats going to the nearby island of Au'uunu where some of our vols will be teaching. We could swim in quite deep water there and enjoy the waves crashing at the end of the jetty. The water was very warm of course, but it was good to taste the salt after the last swim on Lake Michigan. Second Field Trip was to Blunt's Point, where we walked up a trail which led to two massive cannon which were set up to protect the harbour at Pago Pago. From there we had great views of course over the harbour over the "capital" - really just a long thin village. There is only room for about three buildings deep before the forested land rises precipitously.

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