Thursday, 19 July 2012

Samoa, by the lake

We are camping out at a school while we do orientation for three weeks.Over the road is the lagoon of Nu'uli. It seems like a lake, as the water is calm and there is no tide - about 200 yards away is the sea proper with beautiful waves crashing onto the reef - the sea is a magical blue/turquoise colour. Out across the bay is a low island with palm trees, and on the left side are steep sided very wooded volanic hills. Along the base of these steep slopes is the one coast road, which is one lane in each direction - there's a constant stream of traffic going to 20 - 30 mph. Today we travelled by school bus for half an hour towards Pago Pago bay to be greeted by the ministry of education officials. We passed quite a few traditional houses - fale - which are huts with pillars but no walls. They house a whole family, they make blinds which they can roll down to form walls at night. We also passed some massive tanks (probably oil) where there is a chance to swim - that is deeper water.
Yesterday we went to the shops which are well stocked and seem quite cheap, and got a mobile, which I'm learning to use, so family may get a text soon! There are not many street vendors like there were in Guyana, but I did see one selling papaya, chinese greens etc - worth investigating when we are catering for ourselves. At the moment it is cooking in groups for all 30 of us, and a trip down to the Cost U Less store. Of course this being American Samoa, the main places of interest down the road are Pizza Hut, MacDonalds, and so on.  Obesity is a massive issue here - for instance they really do sell turkey tails which are notoriously fatty. The men particularly are massive, which seems emphasised by the traditional clothing of ie which is a wrap around garment, but with pockets. In the othere direction you get to the airport, and just past there is a beach of sorts for a swim. Kate

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  1. glad you're settling in and have got there safely!x