Tuesday, 24 July 2012

People, Church, Shopping

It is a pleasant surprise how courteous people are. The roads are narrow and the traffic goes about 20-30 mph, but still if you are standing at the side of the road a car will stop for you to cross. While we walk down the street people say hello from their cars and ask about how long we are staying, and what we are doing. They introduce themselves and we shake hands and they are very welcoming. We've already had an offer to stay at someone's relative in Apia in Western Samoa, so that would be lovely for next July!        We both went to an English speaking Church on Sunday morning called the Assembly of God - it was not my usual style - about 6 happy clappy songs at the start, then prayers where eveyone prays at the same time as clapping loudly so you can't hear anything. Then we had a half hour homily against gossip, which was very clear and well delivered, including a humourous video and general good advice to avoid what is called the Cococut Wireless - that everyone here will know your business almost before it happens!   Shopping again today - we have both got phones, and are trying text family with little success yet. We have to get staff school uniform sewn for us, for me it is a long maroon skirt with the school logo, then any white blouse, but David is enjoying the prospect of wearning a wrap around ie fataga which may be better described as a skirt (with pockets). I also have to have a puletasi made up which is a narrow long skirt with matching fitted top  - this is the local equivalent to a suit.     There are lots of useful shops just up the road, small type supermarkets selling everything as well as a teacher's store - we have to buy all stationery and supplies for school ourselves.   Kate

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