Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Samoan language

Talofa (hello)
The Samoan language contains more vowels than you could ever imagine - you can get nearly a whole sentence without consonants:
Oa mai 'oe
This means How are you?
The apostrophe is alive and well - indicating a glottal stop. Words can mean something quite different without it.
ata means story
'ata means smile.
We are encourage to practise with people we meet in the street - Samoan people are very happy to stop and talk if you want to, but every time I say Talofa, they say Good Morning!
Fa'asamoa means The Samoan Way, also meaning the language.
Fa'apalagi means The White People's Way, also meaing English.
Fa'afetai means Thank you.
Fa'amolemole means Please.
I am making a little dictionary using an address book, the F page is nearly full already!
(We have learnt those words as well..)

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