Monday, 3 September 2012

Sunday evening

Sunday evening - but Monday morning your time which still feels strange. David did not mention that his school social was held in the school meeting room which is the garage workshop - I don't think it was Garage music but it was mightly loud. We were treated to some displays of extreme dance styles by some of the male teachers - they can dance in all styles - both the traditional Samoan hand waving type and the local version of disco dancing which was beyond words. We joined them in a more sedate style and enjoyed a meal of a standard take away augmented by some local specialities: coconut cream baked in leaves which were like spinach - this is my definite favorite, mackerel in coconut cream baked in a half coconut shell - scrummy, baked breadfruit which really is like bread, and a cup of something indescribable which turned out to be raw tuna in a kind of sauce - seemed like eating slug. David's head of department made us feel welcome and was kind enough to wait around to give us a lift home.
Since then it has been a deluge on and off, but we are well served here with our veranda porch so we can sit outside even when it is tipping down. At least it has been cooler. This morning I went to church but in places the road was an inch deep in water so I did not do the long walk to English church, I just popped into the Samoan one at the end of the road. I met a welcoming lady (all in church white clothes with the elegant hat) who explained that it was a special Sunday to commemorate John Williams who was the missionary who brought Christianity (London Missionary Society) to Samoa. The singing was fantastic. She later told me that she is the chief of this area, so that was great to meet her.
I am trying to get braver about going running on my own, which is tricky as I can't really take my umbrella to feel brave about the dogs.
Today I did some extra work as it was too wet to go out much - I made a blackboard ruler, protractor, set square out of cardboard boxes, and I made a Pythagoras puzzle diagram - I also started my next World Teach module which was about Positive Behavior Management and suchlike. I find it useful stuff as long as I am not under pressure to get it done to the deadline.
Made a coconut and lemon cake today - it is tricky to get ingredients here - you can have anything you like as long as it is Korean. The only cake spice in cinnamon. But the coconut worked out OK, I just dropped it on the concrete a few times, then grated it and soaked it all day.  
Tomorrow is a public holiday for Labour Day, nothing special happens here so if the weather bucks up we are hoping to explore a bit more coastline, maybe even get the snorkel out.  Kate

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