Saturday, 29 September 2012

Pep Rally

This has been a difficult week at school - the students have been hyped up as there were practises every day for the Pep Rally which was on Friday afternoon. A Pep Rally is a bit like cheer leading to build school spirit and class spirit. For this one each of the four year groups practised songs and chanting - the songs based on current pop songs with words/shouts about how great the school is and how great their year group is. This is accompanied by heavy but intricate drumming. My school is the home of the mighty warriors, so WARRIORS features a lot. These four groups are practising out of doors in different corners of the school, so it is a bit like being at a football match with the supporters trying to drown out the opposition chants.

Then on Friday afternoon the whole school gathered to have a competition - with external judges. So a quarter of the school at a time went up on stage to dance, sing and shout their anthems. It is mostly the boys who like to really show off with their dancing, some dress up with body paint and leap out from the crowd to do a special spot (mostly in explicit style).

Some good things about it all were the wild enthusiasm of all the students, that the song practises were led by a small group of students, so it was student led - also the whole event started and ended with prayers - you could hear a pin drop (1350 students).

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