Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Challenges at home

This weekend has been a bit of a challenge as I was not feeling well, but I'm back to normal now. So we missed out on going out anywhere for a proper break - I did get lots of time to prepare my lessons though. Sunday church was the nearest Samoan Methodist (dress in white) with marvellous hymn singing - we can follow just about in our borrowed hymn book. The preacher did a special bit of sermon in English just for us, and mentioned our names quite a few times, a bit in English but mainly in Samoan. We were invited to sit right at the front and made a fuss of.
Some of the things that I'm missing about everyday life in the UK -  ways that I normally relax - like going for a walk. Here if we want to go for a little wander we risk disturbing a band of dogs who let loose a tirade of barking and are very intimidating to me. Not at all relaxing. So the option for a quiet walk is to go down the main route out of here, the same way we go to school. It does open up after a while to give views to the mountain, and also has the massive tree to admire. We can spot a bird maybe although there are very few different kinds - they can be pretty - saw a parokeet yesterday - just like London!

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