Friday, 7 September 2012

Labor day walk and immigration

Day off for Labor day Monday and very welcome so we took the bus towards the west of the island and walked along the coast a little. The sea is very rough there and there's no place to swim. We were told that the day before, a five-year old boy was drowned along there. We caught the sun, underestimating its strength because it was quite overcast for most of the day. My neck is quite red but not quite burned.  Today, Thursday we had to attend for more immigration bureaucracy.Again, we waited and waited but eventually we had photos and thumb prints done and we got our magic pieces of plastic that make us official. It cost $30 each but that's a lot better than someone having to fork out $2000 each as a kind of bail bond. Being a glutton for punishment, I went to the bank and tried to open an account. Kate took the bus back to her school. After a mere half hour, my details were taken and I have every chance I believe (after another interview in a few days!') of getting an account! Fa'a Samoa - the Samoan way! David

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  1. Glad you got the immigration thing sorted out. Still Saturday here and we have been enjoying what may be the last fine summery weather (though already autumnal in the early mornings). Liz sends her love - she has been spending more time sitting up and was out in the wheelchair today, enjoying the sun.
    Manuia le aso.