Sunday, 23 September 2012

Circus, snorkelling

More of a jolly report this week!

After a tiring week, David's school got to visit the circus on Friday afternoon - it was just across the road from the school. The school had negotiated a special price and a special show just for the school. There were acrobats, high wire, spectacular juggling, rhythmic drumming on tables and chairs, excellent magic, some quite amusing clowning - the kids were wildly enthusiastic. For the knife throwing act they got one of the students out and strapped him in on the board - they were pretending to throw but just stuck the knife in next to his face - the student was quite a good sport.

Today Saturday we had a bit of an outing - got the bus over to a good snorkel spot. The main problem here is that the sea is either massive waves on vicious rocky coastline, or placid lagoon about six inches deep. This spot is within Pago Pago harbor so is calm, but the sea is deep enough to swim and there is a small beach with golden sand and palm trees to sit under (but don't sit under a coconut in case it drops on your head). Sounds idyllic? Yes - well I guess it is really - you can swim around a bit a find where the coral starts and spot pretty yellow white and black angel fish, tiny intensely blue fish and massive blue starfish about a foot wide clinging to the side of the rocks. In the UK I've seen starfish which sit on the bottom looking boring, but these are kind of clamped onto the rock and with such a contrast of color.

Bird spotting this afternoon, there was an black bird with a bright red head which was sipping nectar from the hibiscus flowers in the garden - has a curved beak. David is patiently waiting to get a picture of it.

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