Thursday, 15 November 2012

Western Samoa and New Zealand

Phew! Got away from the tropical climate - no more dripping with sweat all day and all night!
We had two nights in Western Samoa - quite a contrast form American Samoa - much busier- more roads, more businesses, more markets, more people being purposeful. The first day we wandered around Apia (the main town) and found a good snorkelling beach - brightly coloured fish a foot long and a massive black sea slug on the bottom. The second day we visited the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum which was an elegant wooden villa in beautiful grounds.
Flew to New Zealand - hired a car and spent a night with friends we met in AS - they have a beautiful home, immaculate gardens and smallholding producing year round beef, veg and fruit.
Today we took a drive round the north part of NZ and now at a Youth Hostel in Whangerei - just been admiring the yachts in the marina - a bit of a culture shock!


  1. Why is there a Robert Louis Stevenson museum there? No objection - good to know there's somewhere that really appreciates him - but just a bit curious. reading ahead - Good to know you're enjoying yourselves.

    1. Robert Louis Stevenson had TB and found the climate suited him in Samoa. He built himself a house but only survived to live for four years there. He was revered by the Samoans because he was such a great storyteller.