Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Geothermal wonderland

We've stayed in a few good Youth Hostels, all with great facilities, and giving you a chance to have a chat with other hostellers if you wish. Our day in the Northland area gave me a chance to have a swim and a run on a sandy beach in fairly warm weather. It was chucking it down with rain for our big drive south to Rotorua. Roturua is the geothermal region - we had a walk out to Sulphur Point where there is steam venting out of the ground strange bubblings and strange smells. Interestingly it is a great area for birds - they don't seem to mind getting acid feet although it can remove the skin on their webbed feet!  
Our big day our from Rotorua was to visit a massive touristy geothermal area which included a geiser which they get going for the tourists with a bag of soap powder. Also there are amazing pools of coloured minerals, deep holes in the ground containing bubbling mud pools, spooky steaming vents everywhere and strange landscapes. Magic!

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