Saturday, 3 November 2012

Changing Gear

On Monday I went into school to sort out a few things. I was pleased to meet the teacher who is replacing me - in fact they are juggling around the classes, so he is not teaching the classes I taught. He had done some cover for me while I was off with flu. I was hoping that the school might be able to give me some tasks to do over the two weeks before we leave, but the only option was to do cover for absent teachers, and I thought this would be too stressful so I did not take it up.
So this week I've had to get used to being better, but being at home. I like being busy, so I've got a routine for the day - starting off with a long walk while it is not too hot - then doing various hobbies including a drawing session in the afternoon - I'm doing one exotic flower from the garden each day.
Today Saturday we had a day out to the small island at the East side - it's a long bus ride then a small boat ferry across. We walked all round the island, along jungly tracks, ending at a cove on the far side which really felt like the end of the world. Flat lava rocks with massive waves - some frigate birds sailing overhead - and a colony of large swifts swooping off the cliffs. The rock pools had turquoise water and we could see quite big stripy fish. On the way back we had a view of the central lake - the island is volcanic - it is a crater lake. Usually the jungle is so thick that it is difficult to see anything, quite easy to get lost - but as the whole island is only a mile or so wide you have to end up somewhere before too long.

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