Sunday, 11 November 2012

David's teaching is done

Thankfully Kate is much fitter now since her nasty bout flu and to prove it, yesterday we did a major hike to the top of Mount Lava which gave excellent views of Pago Pago harbour. Kate has been home getting a bit stir-crazy and counting the days until we leave on November 11 - tomorrow. Meanwhile, for the last few weeks I have continued to teach as usual and trying to time things so as to cover all I wanted to before the last day which was Friday - today is Sunday. I was able to wrap things up nicely and leave notes for my replacement WorldTeach person who we have just learned will be arriving in a couple of weeks.

In the last couple of days, students finally learned my age - their guesses ranged from 28 to 75 but their average guess turned out to quite accurate and only three years on the low side - disappointing since I hoped it would be at least 10 years on the low side. On my last day I got the students to each write me a farewell letter and all the letters were positive even from my least-favourite students. So I think Ive done some good. In the afternoon there was a school assembly and I got an excellent send-off. Though perhaps a bit undignified because I was made to dress in a lava lava - like a sarong -  and had to dance a little in front of the whole school. But my impromptu very short speech went down well by all accounts - I said that I would miss them and that Ive always been a coolcat now Im a Wildcat.As one of my students wrote - once a wildcat always a wildcat.

Wildcats is the name of our football team and after a miraculous game last week when we did very well to beat another school 22-21 for an exceedingly rare victory, normal service was resumed when we played Kates team yesterday and lost 68-0. Kate and I would have watched this game if the weather had been bad but fortunately the weather was fine and we enjoyed our hike up Mount Alava - only about 1600 feet but still quite enough of a work out.Pictures to follow when I get to it. David

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