Monday, 8 October 2012

Good hiking on Columbus Day

We had some terrifically loud thunder in the early hours and torrential rain, so I was thinking we would not be able to get out for our hike, but the weather cleared and we had an ideal day - cloudy and breezy. We met up with some other volunteers and went up Blunts Point. It is where the gun emplacements are. It is the nearest thing they get to history in these parts. American Samoa was used as a naval base for the US until 1960 - it was important as a refueling station for the US to Australia route. The trail has been extended quite a bit and now goes right to the top of the ridge, then follows the narrow ridge with many steep little up and down climbs, all in thick jungle. There are newly placed thick ropes for some tricky scrambling spots. I think they are trying to improve some of the tourist sites - they are still very poorly marked and you need to be pretty fit to get round them. It was quite cool and breezy up the top - as we dropped down towards sea level we suddenly hit hot humid air. Glad that we could get a swim just there.
Columbus Day in a national holiday in the US, but I was reading on the news that in South Dakota it is not celebrated as Columbus is regarded as the murderer of American Indians. Here it is just an excuse for a day with the family.

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