Saturday, 13 October 2012

Exams, Alaska hike

This week at school was a bit easier as we were revising for the mid term exams which are next week. It is difficult to get the level right for teaching (and for exams) particularly for my Geometry classes as the students have such a vast range of ability, both in understanding English and in math. I have to make up all my own work as the textbook is much too hard for the students. My Algebra 2 classes are more advanced - the level is more consistent so I can keep closer to the syllabus and use the textbook quite often.
Today three of us had a go at another trail. It's great to get out into the jungle for a day at the weekend, although today was a bit extreme. We hitched a ride in the back of a truck up to the top of the mountain - great views back over to the coastal plain where we live. Also in the truck was a local guy who was kindness itself, giving us a running commentary all about his village. It's much cooler up there so they nickname it Alaska! Then we set off down a trail towards Massacre Bay, where some Samoans and some French sailors were killed in an altercation is the 1700's. On the map it showed a dirt road all the way, but this fizzled out after we passed a few houses (and tribe of barking dogs). We ended up on a narrow downward ridge path which was often difficult to follow. It was billed to be a two hour trek down to the Bay, but after an hour's walking we had torrential rain and the path was getting steep and slippery so we decided to call it a day. That seemed the wisest move as we were in such a remote area and I was nervous about twisting an ankle.  A good trip out though - makes a quiet restful afternoon into a treat.

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