Monday, 7 January 2013

just a few last photos

We've been in England since December 12 but we are still not quite home yet. Spent time with family and friends over Christmas and now have a week with a friend in Hereford before we can move back into our house. During our trip we often did not get around to uploading pictures to the blog so here are a few before we wrap up. Hope to be back in our house soon so one more post then and that's it.

grave of RLS on Western Samoa

nz north island geothermal area

walk near Mount Tongariro?

Mount Tongariro? which erupted the day after we were there with no casualties

Kaikoura, south island  for whale watch

Milford or Doubtful Sound? they were equally memorable :)

Doubtful Sound

Tareri gorge railway viaduct

Christchurch reminiscent of the Cambridge banks. It's name comes from the Oxford college.

a beautiful short circular walk at Palm Beach north of Sydney

Palm Beach north of Sydney

Blue Mountains west of Sydney - descent into canyon by Giants Stairway

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