Sunday, 9 December 2012

Australia part two

For our second day in Collaroy, we were again entertained by my cousin who drove us up to Palm Beach, which is the poshest address in these parts. We had a walk up to the lighthouse on the headland where there were fantastic views across the water - masses of yachts racing and wooded headlands - also views up along the coast. She then took us down to Manly where we had a picnic near the beach, then had a walk up the headland there.
At the end of the day David and I borrowed a bodyboard from the Youth Hostel as the surf had got a bit more impressive. It was quite wild but a lot of fun.
Sunday we took a train up to the Blue Mountains where we stayed in Katoomba, which is the traditional place for escaping the heat of Sydney. The Youth Hostel there is an old Art Deco style hotel. There is a sandstone plateau with amazing cliffs and waterfalls - loads of paths through the temperate (=cool) rain forest.
Monday and we are back down in Sydney staying with our friend - tomorrow we'll be doing the sights of Sydney itself then getting our flight back to the UK. PHEW!

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